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6th version of my web home

April 12, 2015
by Roberth Andersson

Hysteria of WWW active functions

Is it something I do react a lot at these days it is all web sites with well “modern” web design och functions / features but, yes a big but…

  • Why add videos that autoplays when loading a normal text web page (most normal for advertising and news)?
  • Why on main pages of sites have functions that demand plugins like Flash or Java which makes the page loading slower for all with older computers or bad OS installations?
  • Why using pop-up windows or layers for visitors to make a questionary?  Yes, I said visitors and not web site members which would be a totally different story.
  • Why making it so big with Responsive Design that still many web sites lacks with this compability?  After all the expression Responsive Design might be pretty new but already in year 1993 when I first started to develope for World Wide Web and HTML in it’s very first beginning the main purpose of it was making web sites that should work in any kind of browser or device. Many developers later didn’t cared about this and made the web more into a media playground and made it more difficult to automatically work in any kind of devices.
  • Why do still all big web browsers like Internet Explorer (not including Spartan yet), Google Chrome and Firefox still have problems with performance and crashes?  Their main focus should be to the text, secondly images and third and less important web browser scripts and plugins. So always render a web page to work in that order and if scripts or plugins causing problems they should not cause problems for text and images.
  • Too much advertising banners on many web sites, often full articles that looks to be a part of the site which is also advertising to fool the visitor.
  • New kind of banners that pop-ups slowly in a layer from the bottom or the top of a web page when you are scrolling, you can always close them, but still very annoying.

This was a lot, but I have a lot more in storage for the future.

My recommendation to all web developers, make it first simple, add functions and features that do not annoy your visitors, atleast not your  first time visitors to not scare them away.


October 6, 2013
by Roberth Andersson

Botox in the brain to cure headache

This sounds like april fool joke, but no, this is not a joke, but a bunch of serious Norweigan scientists on the University of Trondheim (NTNU) are convinced about this in their theoretical sphere that this is a feasible and useful method to relieve cluster sever headache, cluster headache.

I see this as a ridiculous research results, inject botox through the nose, this makes me think of only one thing, lobotomy. Is it not close to the same thing? The inject takes place in the same area and get a similar effect in which the brain stops up with certain “communication” between the cerebral hemispheres? Just my reflection.

I myself suffer from migraine/headaches but a bit in milder form and would never come up with the idea to do something like this crazy even though I had cluster headaches (which I don’t know).

Usually people who suffer from this kind of headache lacks of magnesium, can certainly also sometimes be poor diet and fluid, many are careless about such today, especially considering all the semi-finished and finished products that can sometimes be pure toxins which people eats.

DN (Swedish):
DN (English, Bing translated): (Norweigan): (English, Bing translated): (Norweigan): (English, Bing translated):

September 11, 2013
by Roberth Andersson

Living like in the 80s today

Meet the family who lives like in the 80’s today in this year 2013, they has took the decision to not have any luxury in the life which is made after 1986 except for their car.

All this was because of a summer day when one of their kid rather wanted to play indoor with iPad than have fun with dad outside.

This is something I has Always been wondering about, is it healthy with the life todays families are living, a lot of stress, a lot of electronic gizmos/stuff and screens off from the the surrounding world IRL social and often only have a social life over phones and internet.

This can be interest to get a followup on when this family has lived like this in one or two years to see how it Went and which struggles they encountered beside from they are paying bills or their newer car. For example how tought the kids will have in school with their Lifestyle, especially the lack of modern fashion style and gizmos. It’s often hard pressure on kids in school about being fashionable, to be with the times, does not show poverty and gladly brag about gadgets or travel (this last one is perhaps more adult problem).

Toronto Sun article:

September 7, 2013
by Roberth Andersson

Agent, a smartwatch for Android and Windows Phone

Now in these days Samsung has presented their new coming smartwatch for connecting to their Android smartphones, it is indeed a very impressive Watch, but terrible battery time, you would have to recharge it everyday.


I am not one of these who wish to recharge a watch every single day, a watch shall be easy to use and longer battery time. Like the new AGENT smartwatch with between 7 and 30 days of battery time and wireless charging station. Full support for both Android and Windows Phone 8. The watch is developed with .NET development framework.

Checkout the video and see how smooth this simpler but more robust and quality screaming smartwatch.


September 2, 2013
by Roberth Andersson

On my way home

Finally is the monday over with work, now I will go home and shop some fruit and greens stuff which is these days basically my new life style. This is the best thing I have ever done, I has bever got so great energy from anything like this, I will continue with this a little more.

The Photo shows a small house beside the highway E18 which I ser every day when I pass this, its located in Ölme which is a small place between Kristinehamn and Karlstad.

September 1, 2013
by Roberth Andersson

Welcome to my sixth version

I have finally created a WordPress blog / web site which will be the sixth version of my homepage since 1993, this one will differ compared to earlier with that it’s divided into two sites, one English and one Swedish.