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Living like in the 80s today


Meet the family who lives like in the 80’s today in this year 2013, they has took the decision to not have any luxury in the life which is made after 1986 except for their car.

All this was because of a summer day when one of their kid rather wanted to play indoor with iPad than have fun with dad outside.

This is something I has Always been wondering about, is it healthy with the life todays families are living, a lot of stress, a lot of electronic gizmos/stuff and screens off from the the surrounding world IRL social and often only have a social life over phones and internet.

This can be interest to get a followup on when this family has lived like this in one or two years to see how it Went and which struggles they encountered beside from they are paying bills or their newer car. For example how tought the kids will have in school with their Lifestyle, especially the lack of modern fashion style and gizmos. It’s often hard pressure on kids in school about being fashionable, to be with the times, does not show poverty and gladly brag about gadgets or travel (this last one is perhaps more adult problem).

Toronto Sun article:

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