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Botox in the brain to cure headache


This sounds like april fool joke, but no, this is not a joke, but a bunch of serious Norweigan scientists on the University of Trondheim (NTNU) are convinced about this in their theoretical sphere that this is a feasible and useful method to relieve cluster sever headache, cluster headache.

I see this as a ridiculous research results, inject botox through the nose, this makes me think of only one thing, lobotomy. Is it not close to the same thing? The inject takes place in the same area and get a similar effect in which the brain stops up with certain “communication” between the cerebral hemispheres? Just my reflection.

I myself suffer from migraine/headaches but a bit in milder form and would never come up with the idea to do something like this crazy even though I had cluster headaches (which I don’t know).

Usually people who suffer from this kind of headache lacks of magnesium, can certainly also sometimes be poor diet and fluid, many are careless about such today, especially considering all the semi-finished and finished products that can sometimes be pure toxins which people eats.

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