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Hysteria of WWW active functions


Is it something I do react a lot at these days it is all web sites with well “modern” web design och functions / features but, yes a big but…

  • Why add videos that autoplays when loading a normal text web page (most normal for advertising and news)?
  • Why on main pages of sites have functions that demand plugins like Flash or Java which makes the page loading slower for all with older computers or bad OS installations?
  • Why using pop-up windows or layers for visitors to make a questionary?  Yes, I said visitors and not web site members which would be a totally different story.
  • Why making it so big with Responsive Design that still many web sites lacks with this compability?  After all the expression Responsive Design might be pretty new but already in year 1993 when I first started to develope for World Wide Web and HTML in it’s very first beginning the main purpose of it was making web sites that should work in any kind of browser or device. Many developers later didn’t cared about this and made the web more into a media playground and made it more difficult to automatically work in any kind of devices.
  • Why do still all big web browsers like Internet Explorer (not including Spartan yet), Google Chrome and Firefox still have problems with performance and crashes?  Their main focus should be to the text, secondly images and third and less important web browser scripts and plugins. So always render a web page to work in that order and if scripts or plugins causing problems they should not cause problems for text and images.
  • Too much advertising banners on many web sites, often full articles that looks to be a part of the site which is also advertising to fool the visitor.
  • New kind of banners that pop-ups slowly in a layer from the bottom or the top of a web page when you are scrolling, you can always close them, but still very annoying.

This was a lot, but I have a lot more in storage for the future.

My recommendation to all web developers, make it first simple, add functions and features that do not annoy your visitors, atleast not your  first time visitors to not scare them away.


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